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SORAYA Beads Black

SORAYA Beads Black

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SORAYA Beads™ anal beads massager is a one-of-a-kind pleasure device specifically designed for those just diving into anal play exploration. With its unique design, SORAYA Beads™ aims to arouse the sensitive nerve endings in and around the anus for a new type of orgasmic sensation, one bead at a time. All of this is possible thanks to innovative Bow-Motion™ technology, inspired by the masterful movements of violin players, using the powerful vibrations that resonate inside you, one bead after another after another….

Product Features
  • Gradually sculpted tip for deeply fulfilling anal sensations
  • Smooth & flexible arm to ideally suit every body type
  • Fully waterproof for enjoyment in the bath or shower
  • Ideal for open-minded beginners
  • 1-year warranty & 10-year guarantee

Ingredients & Materials
Body-safe silicone, ABS Plastic
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